Welcome to Jackson Hole POP Kitchen!

We’re in the business of helping you succeed at your business! If you're not sure whether a particular requirement applies to you, we can help by asking the right questions. Here’s how to get your business started using “POP Kitchen!

In addition to this short guide to getting started with POP Kitchen!, you will need to complete an application, sign a lease, and accompanying handbook that lists current rates, requirements, and policies.

Rates are structured with significantly lower pricing options for the frequent users. Add-on options make available a limited amount of on-site dry and/or cold storage space. We’re happy to discuss additional strategies for acceptable secure storage options.

The short-term rental blocks are designed with the small food manufacturing business in mind, but may be suitable for some catering, educational and other non-conventional uses. Getting a business started without one’s own commercially certifiable kitchen can be cost prohibitive. This kitchen affords users the opportunity to move forward with their business plan or growth, before making a more significant investment in their own kitchen.

Sharing kitchens is not only difficult, it’s technically not allowed under most food safety regulations. Anyone who has tried to run their business out of a restaurant kitchen knows this. That is why only one user will be permitted to use POP Kitchen at a time. By law, block sharing by multiple users is not allowed.

The specific requirements for use may vary from one business type to the next, and it is the responsibility of the user to have all of these requirements met prior to their first scheduled usage block. Common to most users will be requirements for commercial food licensing, food manager and/or handlers (ServSafe) certification, Town of Jackson business licensing, and insurance requirements.

Our recipe for success smells pretty good, but allows for flexibility and adapting to our customers tastes. POP Kitchen welcomes your questions and feedback.