Welcome to Jackson Hole POP Kitchen! a new community short-term rental kitchen. 

Jackson Hole POP Kitchen, part of Jackson Hole POP! Fine Artisan Popcorn, has just opened a community kitchen in Jackson Hole to serve small food businesses, entrepreneurs, food manufacturers, private chefs, culinary educators, craft service providers, community organizations, and others involved in the healthy, local, and sustainable food culture that need use of a commercial kitchen space.

Owner of Jackson Hole POP! Fine Artisan Popcorn, Mike Daus, was in need of a commissary kitchen for his food truck and growing wholesale gourmet popcorn business.  While working at local fresh markets and community events he met other food producers who were also in need of working commercial kitchen space.  Daus decided to expand his plans for a commissary kitchen to a full commercial kitchen. Now complete with fire suppression hood, convection ovens, cook tops, refrigeration, dry storage, prep tables, wares and lots of space, POP Kitchen! is quite possibly the best kitchen space in the community for multiple, single-users.

With all equipment and tables on casters, POP Kitchen's warehouse setting is customizable and convenient for many different users.  While especially useful for small food businesses in need of a commercial kitchen, the large space can be arranged for more than just cooking! The space allows for everything from food packaging assembly, to a cooking classroom, or even as a production studio.

POP Kitchen! offers four and eight-hour blocks of time around the clock at affordable rates that are inclusive of utilities. Like any commercial lease, rents are prepaid monthly (or in advance) but are discounted based on the subscription level (number of blocks, length of lease, and day vs. night use).  Users will submit an application, will need to obtain local commercial food licensing and are responsible for bringing their own ingredients, proprietary and small wares, and must clean and sanitize the space before and after each use. 

Jackson Hole POP! and soon POP Kitchen! are members of 1% for the Tetons and 1% for the Planet, and offer discounted rates for use by qualifying community organizations. While the Holidays are a long way off, POP Kitchen! is joining the fight against hunger with plans in the works for providing holiday meals in partnership with local food banks, shelters, and community groups.